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Chaplain, what specs are you running and any rub? Im picking up a 17 sport this week and am thinking about going a similar route.
DM me if you have any questions: 265/60r18 or 30.5x10.4" KO2 No rub either from height or width.

• OEM rim is 20x8.5j or 20x9 with a 44 offset.
• OEM Tire is 255/50r20 (30x10") or 265/45zr20 (29.4x10.4")
• OEM 18" Rim: 255/60r18
• Combo 265/50r20 = 265/60r18

• 18" 1st choice 275/60r18 or 31x10.8 or 275/55
• 18" 2nd choice 265/60r18 or 30.5x10.4" KO2
• 18" 3rd choice 285/60 18 or 31.5x11.2 KO2
• 18" 4rth choice 275/65 18 or 32.1x10.8 KO2