New here and need help please - OEM Headlights
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    Exclamation New here and need help please - OEM Headlights

    Hello all!

    I am new to the forum and certainly need your wisdom!

    I have had my 2013 Explorer for almost three years without issues, however, I have noticed that the left OEM HID has been flickering and over a few weeks and now randomly goes out. If I cycle the lights off and then on, it will come back on. Sometimes it will stay on without issue for the rest of the journey, sometimes it goes out again and I have to recycle.

    Would this be a bulb issue?
    Would this be a ballast issue?
    Would this be both?

    I am looking to replace the parts if they are needing to be replaced with OEM parts, so any input that you all have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all.

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    I don't know about HID problems in vehicles but I had the same problem on my Hayabusa motorcycle. It was never a bulb problem but I had a ballast go bad, a loose wiring connection another time and finally a battery charge issue. Check your battery charge first, then the wiring before you try the ballast. It's usually the cheapest way to go about troubleshooting.

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