2013 Ford Explorer check charging system
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    2013 Ford Explorer check charging system

    Hello, I need some help here as I am stumped. I drove my car and received the check charging system light and steering got tight. So I did some research and ended up changing the Alternator which was bad, new belt, tensioner and battery. So I figured my issue was solved but I was wrong. So the steering is fine, the car rides fine at regular speeds but I am still getting the check charging system light. I also get a misfire/sputter on idle. I have changed all the coil packs and plugs also. I have had a bunch of issues with this vehicle including spending 2k with the dealer in Nov on a Power steering failure that tightened up on my wife on the Highway. I dont wanna keep dumping alot of money as I have a feeling this thing is on a downward slide. I appreciate the help


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    Check all the grounds, I know the Focus ST platform suffers from some related issues due to the grounds.

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