2016 explorer xlt brake pad issues
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    2016 explorer xlt brake pad issues

    So i bought a used explorer and im gonna do the front brakes. I buy the pads and get home get it all apart and the bakes are different. The brakes i have on have metal tabs. But its not the police package its a xlt. They keep telling me at the place i bought them from the after market bakes no longer take the metal tabs. So i put them on and now there is nothing pushing my outter pad away from the rotor and it rubs and grinds non stop. The brake pad on the left is what they told me would work and the brake pad on the right is the police package pad with the same metal tabs i have but the pad its self is bigger. And the other picture is my old brake with the tab. I bought the hardware kit didnt have any springs in it. Am i missing something here?
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    What is the VIN on your Explorer depending on the time when it was made it may have hardware from a year prior or after.

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