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    Having an issue

    I have a 1993 ford explorer and it cranks but does shortly after star and when I give it some gas it sputters and dies out sounds like a mis. I changed the spark plugs wires coil pack fuel pump and filter but it won't stay running I took the throttle body out and cleaned it up and put it back on and it ran for a day then same issue. Please if anyone can give me a hand I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Also I have a question about what I'm looking on in the picture. Iv included a video for location of part in question
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    Check you air intake. I had the same problem with my Mustang that you are having until I realized that I had not reconnected the air intake hose.

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    Check fuel pressure, the pump might be going out. Enough to getting it running but not enough to run it.

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