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  1. Explorer Forum
    My 2008 ford explorer limited flashed the abs light, traction control light, and tire pressure light, then the dash went red and the car died out. Got it home and replaced the alternator and battery. Car started and drove but would flash the battery light at me randomly and tell me to check the...
  2. Explorer Forum
    Hello everyone, this is a bit of an odd request. But my explorer is equipped with the optional power running boards and after 116,000 miles, the motors are starting to fail. Or well starting to get extremely slow. Over the last several years they have started to slow down on their deployment and...
  3. Explorer Maintenance
    For those who have had their rear or front wipers work and then all of a sudden stop working. It can be frustrating especially when you know there is nothing that could possibly be wrong with your vehicle. My front wipers and sprayers worked. my Rear wiper works, my sprayer not so much. So...
1-3 of 3 Results