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  1. Explorer Maintenance
    Gooday y'all. New here, stumbled across the forums looking on Google to see if anyone else has an Exploder that just eats alternators. Still producing good voltage and amperage, but mechanically failing the pully or the bearings. I have replaced the tensioner arm and new belts twice...
  2. Explorer Maintenance
    2000 Ford Explorer, 4.0L SOHC will crank over but wont idle, tried jumping it, seemed to work slightly, but idled for a moment then the rpms dwindled down to 0 and it shut off and would try to start but wouldn't idle again. Any ideas what could be wrong? Its currently sitting on the side of the...
  3. Explorer Forum
    Is my alternator covered under 3/36 or 5/60 on 2016 explorer limited? :o
1-3 of 3 Results