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  1. Introductions
    Hello all, I just purchased this PIU and I joined this forum hoping to exchange ideas and updates on this matter. I just added a backup camera, increased the height of the armrest, weathertech matts , rear door panels to be able to use the speakers and 4 additional 12v cigarette adapter...
  2. Introductions
    Need a motor for my 04 ford explorer, has 196k miles and it blew timing guides, don’t wanna rebuild it, just wanna throw a motor in. What is a better option? More so between the 119k $800 motor and a 194k $650 motor, both run and both are grade A
  3. Explorer Forum
    I have a 2016 Ford Explorer XLT. just replaced my ford sync radio due to a touchscreen issue. I replaced the sync with the Sync 3 radio. Everything works great except for my apple car would not work. I kept getting an USB error saying it's not supported. I found out that the USB Hub needed...
  4. Introductions
    Due to low inventory, I can do the Group Discount on factory orders only. So if you are looking for the Group Discount of up to 4.5% under invoice on Ford Explorer, it would have to be a factory order. Otherwise if you are looking at something in stock, it would be whatever the WOW price is...
  5. For Sale
    2000 Ford Explorer 4dr 112 WB XLS 4WD for 900$ on ebay : 2000 Ford Explorer 4dr 112 WB XLS 4WD | eBay Milage 127k in good condition interior exterior , mechanical and eBay guarantee
  6. Explorer Forum
    I shipped our California purchased 2016 Explorer down to beautiful Costa Rica. We were charged $17,000 for import fees to the Costa Rican government so we want to maintain our expensive investment. We were unaware at the time of crossing a 24 inch deep river that there were two parallel cracks...
  7. Introductions
    Hello dear explorer fans. I came on this forum cause I prepare an Alaska/Canada/Usa tour for this summer and I would like to buy a ford explorer 2008 or newer to do it. (I plan to drive 20000km and sell it ) Is it ok for a 150.000km or 200.000km car ? Wich problems and repairs should I expect...
  8. Explorer vs the Competition
    Against the competition? I know you have probably read the articles and searched the web, but has a nice setup for comparison with the competition... You can check it out - Compare Vehicles - 2013 Explorer - and then come back and share what your comparison was and how it stacked up!
  9. Explorer Forum
    Warranty info the for 2013 Ford Explorer... See more here...2013 Ford Explorer | View Full Ford Explorer Warranty Information |
1-9 of 9 Results