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  1. For Sale
    2000 Ford Explorer 4dr 112 WB XLS 4WD for 900$ on ebay : 2000 Ford Explorer 4dr 112 WB XLS 4WD | eBay Milage 127k in good condition interior exterior , mechanical and eBay guarantee
  2. Explorer Forum
    I shipped our California purchased 2016 Explorer down to beautiful Costa Rica. We were charged $17,000 for import fees to the Costa Rican government so we want to maintain our expensive investment. We were unaware at the time of crossing a 24 inch deep river that there were two parallel cracks...
  3. Introductions
    Hello dear explorer fans. I came on this forum cause I prepare an Alaska/Canada/Usa tour for this summer and I would like to buy a ford explorer 2008 or newer to do it. (I plan to drive 20000km and sell it ) Is it ok for a 150.000km or 200.000km car ? Wich problems and repairs should I expect...
  4. Explorer vs the Competition
    Against the competition? I know you have probably read the articles and searched the web, but has a nice setup for comparison with the competition... You can check it out - Compare Vehicles - 2013 Explorer - and then come back and share what your comparison was and how it stacked up!
  5. Explorer Forum
    Warranty info the for 2013 Ford Explorer... See more here...2013 Ford Explorer | View Full Ford Explorer Warranty Information |
1-5 of 5 Results