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  1. Explorer Sport Forum
    I have never experienced this with a vehicle before. It’s as if my headlights have a lazy eye. The right headlight beam shines way up, the left seems to be projecting at the correct angle. I have attempted to adjust the beam but the adjustment doesn’t lower it even close to enough. So I’m...
  2. Explorer Forum
    I've got a 2013 explorer, PI. Going to put in a retrofit headlight kit. Looking for suggestions. Are there any plug and play kits? Or have you done a kit and how hard or easy was it? Any info appreciated! Pictures and brand of kit would be great too
  3. Explorer Forum
    My father-in-law bought a used 2014 Explorer Sport a couple years ago. The headlights were always a little lack luster but they got worse and worse. He asked me and I pointed him to Diode Dynamics SL1 bulbs as being top quality (have them in my WRX). So he brings it over and it turns out the...
1-3 of 3 Results