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  1. Explorer Maintenance
    Ok so, like the title says, problems! My liftgate won't open or close, but the light on the dash says it's open. The radio / GPS/ climate control screen won't turn on, and the heater won't turn off, also the interior lights won't turn off, and it all happened at the same time, and yes I've...
  2. Explorer Maintenance
    Hi folks, I have a 'chilling' problem with my heater. When rotating the temperature control anywhere clockwise from the blue cold air position, it sounds like one of the ac/heater doors is cycling open to close and repeats a cycle every3 seconds or so. Never get any hot air. Before I tear...
  3. Explorer Forum
    Hello, I replaced the defrost actuator in my 2017 Explorer. Apparently this pays really well for the mechanics because the dealer quoted over $1000 for the project. It took me 3hours and $38 for the new actuator. I actually found the electrical contacts wore out insides the unit. The gears were...
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Check Engine codes - One is "ERG not open" and other says "Heater Circuit Malfunction All I've done so far is replace the EGR valve. Can I unclog the hose? And how can I find and fix the heater circuit? Thanks in advance for your insight. DGK
1-4 of 4 Results