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  1. Explorer Maintenance
    Hi folks, I have a 'chilling' problem with my heater. When rotating the temperature control anywhere clockwise from the blue cold air position, it sounds like one of the ac/heater doors is cycling open to close and repeats a cycle every3 seconds or so. Never get any hot air. Before I tear...
  2. Explorer Forum
    Hello, I replaced the defrost actuator in my 2017 Explorer. Apparently this pays really well for the mechanics because the dealer quoted over $1000 for the project. It took me 3hours and $38 for the new actuator. I actually found the electrical contacts wore out insides the unit. The gears were...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    Check Engine codes - One is "ERG not open" and other says "Heater Circuit Malfunction All I've done so far is replace the EGR valve. Can I unclog the hose? And how can I find and fix the heater circuit? Thanks in advance for your insight. DGK
1-3 of 3 Results