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  1. Explorer Forum
    Hi everyone! I have an issue that the dealer can't diagnose, wondering if anyone else had the same issue. After my 2018 Explorer Sport has been driven for a few minutes, I start to hear/feel a humming/vibration from in front of my feet in the driver's side foot well. I only notice it when I come...
  2. Ford Explorer 3.5L V6
    I am looking for some information. Can anyone tell me if the 3.5 Ecoboost engine in a 2014 Explorer sport, (which sits sideways in the engine bay), could be attached to a 6r80 transmission. I want to install this engine into a 1960 Thunderbird. I have come across a low mileage 2014 Ecoboost 3.5...
  3. Explorer Sport Forum
    We currently have "HANKOOK VENTUS S1 NOBLE2" since February (purchased truck). As far as weather, we experienced 1-Ice/Snow storm and 1-very bad rainstorm on a highway . Wife said it slipped quit a bit in the ice storm. Other than that not bad. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated...
  4. Ford Explorer News
    I have a Ford Explorer Sport 2016. This may sound crazy, but whenever I drive somewhere I start yawning. I think that may be a sign of CO2 poisoning, or just tired of driving. I am perfectly fine until I get in my Explorer. I know there are issues with the Police Explorers being...
  5. Explorer Sport Forum
    I've had my 2015 tuxedo black sport/sienna for a couple of months now and have been looking for a more aggressive exhaust. It looks like MagnaFlow offers a cat back system that is listed as moderate to aggressive. Has anyone upgraded their exhaust system and/or have any recommendations? -Dave
1-5 of 5 Results