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  1. Explorer Sport Forum
    Hello all, I am new to my 03 sport and want to replace the speakers, as mine are really quiet. Anyone done it before and can give me some tips? Haven’t ordered speakers yet so any advice is welcome. Also ordering an aftermarket radio at some point, so any ideas/recommendations on that would be...
  2. Explorer Forum
    Hi everyone! I have an issue that the dealer can't diagnose, wondering if anyone else had the same issue. After my 2018 Explorer Sport has been driven for a few minutes, I start to hear/feel a humming/vibration from in front of my feet in the driver's side foot well. I only notice it when I come...
  3. Ford Explorer 3.5L V6
    I am looking for some information. Can anyone tell me if the 3.5 Ecoboost engine in a 2014 Explorer sport, (which sits sideways in the engine bay), could be attached to a 6r80 transmission. I want to install this engine into a 1960 Thunderbird. I have come across a low mileage 2014 Ecoboost 3.5...
  4. Explorer Sport Forum
    We currently have "HANKOOK VENTUS S1 NOBLE2" since February (purchased truck). As far as weather, we experienced 1-Ice/Snow storm and 1-very bad rainstorm on a highway . Wife said it slipped quit a bit in the ice storm. Other than that not bad. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated...
  5. Explorer Forum
    I have a Ford Explorer Sport 2016. This may sound crazy, but whenever I drive somewhere I start yawning. I think that may be a sign of CO2 poisoning, or just tired of driving. I am perfectly fine until I get in my Explorer. I know there are issues with the Police Explorers being...
  6. Explorer Sport Forum
    I've had my 2015 tuxedo black sport/sienna for a couple of months now and have been looking for a more aggressive exhaust. It looks like MagnaFlow offers a cat back system that is listed as moderate to aggressive. Has anyone upgraded their exhaust system and/or have any recommendations? -Dave
1-6 of 6 Results