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  1. Explorer Forum
    My spouse and I are purchasing a 2020 XLT. She tried a few 2020’s out and the first 2 showed just the digital speed readout in the screen between the tach and speedometer. The one she’s chosen shows a variety of info including a little speed limit sign that changes with the roads speed limit...
  2. Explorer Maintenance
    Hi all, My 2018 Ford Explorer XLT passenger side mirror stopped moving on the horizontal plane. It will articulate vertically (i.e., up and down), but it won't articulate horizontally (i.e., left to right). Has anyone had this issue before? My driver's side mirror works just fine. I think it...
  3. Explorer Forum
    I have a 2017 Explorer. Ever since I got it 3 weeks ago the key less entry key pad randomly flashes whenever it feels like. I can be next to the vehicle or 50 feet doesn't seem to matter. Anyone else had this problem and might know what the issue could be? I'm trying to avoid a trip to...
1-3 of 3 Results