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2004 explorer, 4.0 sohc non return fuel system
died a while back, will not stay running.
this is After an inital incident of water in the gas.
--Jerry can with a couple liters or more got dumped in by ignorance and dhurrrrr---
Flushed and fresh gas in, wirth a bit of methyl added.,
was good for a week, couple stumbles here n there, but....Now

Fires up after sitting awhile, then dies shortly after. Will not start from there, but tries to.
?Fuel pressure erratic on gauge and scanner.. .
?Spark advance erratic also. KOEO 10' , but all over the scale on cranking (10' to 35-40')
Plugs soaked when pulled.
Will fire with FPR pulled and until residual gas is burnt.
Will die once relay is reinstalled and pressure is normal (while cranking)...

all signs point to flooding out v??

compression 150psi all around.
FP shows normal. (minus the erratic while cranking.)
New FRPS and fuel filter.
crank is good, spark is crisp and blue, coil has good power supply.
Injector pulse damper good. injectors are working.
Seems to flood itself out. I had thought that, Then considered the spark cutting out and Injectors wetting the plugs after.
Now pondering Injector pulse duration and pressure, ... Am back to the flooding out , thought.
If fire up and quickly connect/disconnect the relay, I can keep it running arounbd 20 psi FP....WTH???

Anyone have the same happen or ideas?

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FYI, if anyone eventually reads this...Passengar side cat totally disintegrated and plugged up downstream. was a immediate failure with no codes prior to. Running condition was such that No notice or hint off failure given. Back up and running thanks to a customer, making mention to a "puffing noise" from the intake. Next step was hand on tailpipe while helper cranked, then pulling upstream o2 sensors n WHAM she fired up. then next to the Y union and found the congestion. Both cats gutted and running like a champ now. and WAY BETTER...
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