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Greetings everyone

My 06 Ford stopped starting getting home to the driveway and early that morning i scanned the vehicle as it had acted strange the dsy before with a low power feeling and not accelerating. Code was P0193, Fuel rail pressure sensor Circuit high input.

So i ordered the MotorCraft sensor and took the intake manifold apart but broke the nipple on the manifold circled in red below.

We glued it back (i know it was likely not going to work but gave it a try) and when reinstalling the intake manifold, i mistakenly hit it and it came off

After installing everything back the truck cranks and starts up quickly but immediately shuts down.

I thought even with the vacuum line disconnected it would stay on with a possible erratic or high idle.

Is it the norm for the engine to shut down with this broken vacuum line?

I am asking just to confirm there isn’t something else involved.

Appreciate any input


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