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I just replaced the front and rear calipers on my 06 Explorer(one bad,replace them both).
The rear ones bleeders broke ,why take chances retreading.
The problem; After multiple bleeding of all four wheels in the correct sequence and also bleeding the Master Cyl. and ABS unit the problem still persists. All the connections have been torqued to spec (24-26).
I'm thinking next to rebuild the Master Cylinder although I see no physical leak.
The next item which I've seen a couple of videos on is the ABS unit itself,although it doesn't seem to be a very big job it's quite expensive and hard to find as a unit.
Most of the sellers offer it up as parts, so how can I tell which part I need ? I know the ABS motor is working because it can be heard turning when you turn the ignition off and on. Also when I place the vehicle in reverse,speed up and slam on the brake the ABS engages.
There are some used ones on e-bay but I read the part must be the same model # or the computer won't accept them and are hard to reprogram if at all.
Has anyone experienced this,what did you do ?
I'd like to get my Explorer back on the road ASAP, thanks.
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