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I have a 2007 4.6L V8 3V Explorer with approximately 204,000 miles on it. Up until recently, it has been running great. A few weeks ago, the fan would start roaring when I would begin to accelerate. Fluids are good. Oil changes every 5,000 miles. Engine temps are normal. Not sure why it's doing it. My mechanic thought that the fan clutch was bad, so they replaced it. 3 days later and I have the same problem. Then they hooked it up to a code reader and found that the engine oil temp sensor was out of parameters. Reprogrammed the computer and $110 later, still the same issue. Ran a block test to make sure no gaskets are leaking anywhere. Block tested good. They want to hook it up to the computer again and see what data they can get off of it. I have no idea why the fan is running so fast. Has anyone else run across this issue before?
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