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1998 Explorer Suspension

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I replaced the tires, shocks, and ball joints on my 1998 Explorer Sport 2WD. After the alignment it runs and drives great, however the Explorer lean is still present, albeit lessened. I would like to either replace the stock mono leaf springs with the beefier ones from a four door explorer, or go with the cheaper add a leaf.

The issue being that I don't want any extra lift. If anything I would prefer to lower it 0.5" - 1.25" just to lower the center of gravity. I was thinking a tortion twist and some spacers for the leaf springs. I plan on calling around some pull a part sites tomorrow, because the only full leaf springs i've seen are like $200+ each. I'm not trying to steal them, but that sounds steep. Would the add a leaf work, if I intend to slightly lower it? I'm honestly unsure what to do. Any advice would be great appreciated.
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