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Hello All,

Would love some help, dying here on this Explorer.

2003 Ford Explorer 4.6L V8.

Had my rear differential go out and replaced it. I think it was the correct gear ratio/etc. After replacement, I had a leak at the CV Axle joint / connection to the differential. Been driving the explorer now only when necessary, because it is dumping oil.

I noticed the original different had a slightly different seal than the replacement. Original and new one shown below. It appears the replacement differential has a rubberized seal rather than the original.

Eye Automotive tire Water Flash photography Wood

Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Snout Bumper

I ordered a replacement seal. Not sure if I should pop out the old seal on the replacement diff and put in this one.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Automotive lighting

Any tips on this replacement? Or previous discussions on the forum? I'm not a gearhead, been way over my head doing this work and not looking forward to tearing everything apart again.
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