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2003 Ford Explorer, V8, RWD, EB, Fuse #17 is blowing Power Windows, Radio, Sunroof..

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I'm brand spanking new to this website, so I'm here to try and get some top notch help from the experts.
Here's my problem... my wife's 2003 Explorer has only 50K miles (yep, a 2003 with 50K) on it and it's in good shape other that a bunch of little problems, but for now, I'm interested in fixing this problem with the #17 (15 amp) blowing. This #17 fuse allows operation of the power windows, radio, sunroof and what ever else. BTW, the #17 is under the dash, left of the steering column. I've replaced the blown fuse over a dozen times now. There doesn't appear to be a pattern that I can figure out, like when doing something as in turning on the radio, or putting the windows down. I've tried operating everything possible to make it blow, but nothing appears to work for me and either a day later or a few days to a week, just like the big whale "thar she blows" again!

I've researched the internet and saw a Youtube video of a mechanic showing problems with the door ajar light coming on while the door is closed. He does a really good job and give great instruction on how to repair rusted door ajar switches, and I've sprayed a rust inhibitor (PB Blaster) into each door lock and opened and closed each door a freaking countless number of times and I cannot figure out why it does not blow for me, but a short time later when my wife is driving it, the fuse blows. I've also wiggled the crap out of the wire bundle flex coming from the door A piler to the door and nothing, the fuse dose not blow.

I betcha someone that reads this has come across this exact issue and has some insight to share. I will appreciate all efforts, so thanks for the help!
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