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2008 Explorer Traction Control issues

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My wife has 2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer 6 cyl. Had a flat and temporarily replaced it with used same size P238/65/R18 tire due to spending $500+ on cracked plastic radiator...anywho...starting getting noises in front end like running over a grate between 30-40 MPH. So far I had moved used tire...bought 2 new tires as original flat could not be repaired...still having issues...replaced transmission fluid/filter and put in Motorcraft additive since I was told might be tranny problem...still problems. After several garages & speaking to many people locally 2 have said it is traction control issues as it is very sensitive to tire variations even if the tires are the same size.
Tomorrow going to get 2 more new tires so that all 4 will identical...only a week between other 2 new ones.
I am on vacation in Florida & need to go home and not wanting to be stuck on the road.
The mechanic I deal with at home also suggested tire differences...he suggested having them remove front drive shaft to make it 2 wheel drive until I get home but no one down here wants to do that. codes...tranny guy put code reader on it & drove it & no codes came up.
Has anyone had these problems or have any suggestions??? Please advise.
Thank you.
Eddie Wetmore
[email protected]
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