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For those who have had their rear or front wipers work and then all of a sudden stop working. It can be frustrating especially when you know there is nothing that could possibly be wrong with your vehicle.

My front wipers and sprayers worked. my Rear wiper works, my sprayer not so much. So after beating my head against a wall, I finally did some research and came across a YouTube video that shows the 25 amp fuse in the engine compartment and the 2, 5 amp fuses under the driver side fuse box. Checked everything and it was fine. So I took off the plastic cover on the passenger side that hides the washer fluid and followed both lines that go to the front wipers and to my rear sprayer and found out why my rear sprayer was not working. It was due to the hose line being disconnected.

So long story short, If any of your sprayers or wipers stop working, check fuses, blockages, washer tank level, and the hose lines that are visible.
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