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I have two annoying noises while driving. The first and most annoying is the wind noise. I've read elsewhere that this is a common problem. I'm new to the forum but came aboard to see if there are answers available. I notice if I apply outward pressure to the window the noise is cut down by about 80%. I was thinking of putting a removable 'wedge' in the window slot. Help!
The other problem is a loud squeaking noise when I rest my elbow on the armrest attached to the inner door panel. I took it to my dealer, and they said they fixed it, they said there were some loose clips behind the panel. Well, that was BS it started up again while I was driving home from the dealer. Should I just try another dealer? I would take it off myself but in the past, I have broken clips on other vehicles and they were never the same even after replacing broken clips or clip holders. Help!
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