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my 2010 Ford explorer is a salvage vehicle gotten in 2020.
on Tuesday 15.11.22 was a recent experience. I drove it for about 180km without any issue. but in the night of same day. driving on off road of about 3km, it shuts off 4 times (the only difference was the AC was on). after entering a dual carriage way, it didn't shut off for about 60km even in off road (with no AC).
then the following day 16.11.22 for about 850miles trip, it shut off 3times. the first and last shut off was without AC.
I gave the vehicle to a mechanic who ONLY work ford vehicles. the scanning of of it returned no fault.
drove it for about 180km on Friday 25.11.22 (with AC) shuts of on me at about 175km of the trip. drove it without AC this morning 28.11.22 for about 180km, didn't go off.
though the shutting off happened more when AC is on, it also go off when it wasn't.
help. the mechanic seems not to know the exact fault. trying suspected options may cause other problems.
thank you.
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