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Our 2010 Ford Explorer has a problem with the climate control system.
With the AC on during acceleration the AC is deflected from the dash vents to the defroster and floor. I have replace the check valve four times, that's not the problem.
When at idle I measured the engine vacuum 20+ inHg on the intake side of the check valve. Using my hand held vacuum pump, with the engine and AC off, I can pump 20 inHg vacuum on the system side of the check valve and it will hold. With the engine started the vacuum will continue to hold, as long as the AC remains off. As soon as the AC is switched on the vacuum drops to zero on the pump gauge.
Is there an electrical interface with one or more of the vacuum motors that operate damper doors that will allow a vacuum leak when energized.
Many years ago (1970's) I worked as an automotive AC mechanic in Miami. It was hot, business was always good. I have been out of touch for awhile,
Thanks, Geoff
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