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Hello all, I'm from UAE and I bought my 2010 explorer xlt 4.0l v6 SOHC a couple of weeks ago. Had check engine light on already, but thought wasn't a big deal since a minor inspection was done and it ran fine. The 2nd day suddenly battery light appeared and car died while driving, once I manage to park, I restarts and it runs, but dies whenever RPM is around 1000 or so or less, took it to agancy (after multiple mechanics), they confirmed it's the PCM/ECU (battery is new and alternator is fine and recharging it), they charge a fortune of course, so wanna get one from the junkyard. 2 questions, is the part number vital? Or I can use anyone from 08 or 09 explorers? I believe mine was already replaced and not the original because it starts with 8L2A which I looked online and it seems for 2008 cars (it is 8L2A-12A650-GC). Can I just get any pcm and have reprogrammed? If not how do I know which ones are compatible, as the agency are refusing to tell me the original part number. And lastly, I only have one key, is that enough to reprogram a new PCM?
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