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I noticed my driver's side high beam would stay on even though I had moved the bright switch to the normal driving position. After a ton of asking and checking, I learned that 2013 XLT (and other models) the headlight is only one filament which is high beam, and what creates the low beam effect is a shutter that partially blocks the headlight bulb. Mine was stuck open so the left headlight was always on high beam, even though the switch indicated otherwise. After two replacement bulbs, I finally figured out the problem, and learned it was a mechanical issue, not a control module. Unfortunately, my mechanical issue was contained within the headlight assembly, which was listed at $500.00 with a two hour mechanic rate. I did find that I could "coax" the shutter back down to the normal lighting position by tapping it on the housing under the hood with the handle of a small hammer. It also appears that to change the headlight assembly, you have to remove the bumper cover. I'm waiting for a donor Explorer and a nice day when I don't have anything else to do.
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