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Hey everyone. My explorer had a couple broken bolts and studs on the front manifold. Drilled them out and replaced all studs and bolts, as well as the gaskets. When started vehicle after completion, still has the dreaded ticking noise. Thinking manifold warped a bit. No check engine light or codes, before or after completion. Now if it is still leaking exhaust, and of course the manifold has a cat converters. I live in New York, and they adapted the California emissions law where now Cat converters need to be CARB compliant. Under my hood also says it's California emissions safe.

My question is, if I go out of state and pick up a Cat Converter that's not CARB certified, and slap it on (yes illegal, I know) will it still pass NY inspection and emissions test? Because to me it's comple nonsense to spend almost $2200 on a part, which the explorer has two of. This state is absolutely milking all the money from us people.
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