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The order guide has leaked for the 2014 Ford Explorer showing the some of the changes we can expect for next year's line up. The most notable changes are new exterior paint options (Sunset, Dark Side), Auto Headlamps standard on all models, and 2nd Row heated seats.

Grab the entire guide here:

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I did not like the 2 new colors added and wished they would have kept the Green Gem Metallic &excited to purchase that
color in 2014 when Ineeded to buy a new car only to find out that it wasnot offered. I tried for months to locate a new 2013 model in all of California XLT with 202 package, Class III tow and Leather. NO GO. It is a very nice color on the Explorer and feel
very frustrated at Ford. I asked many many dealerships why are they so hard to find and they said they maybe a slow mover.
If it was such aslow mOVER why cantieasily find one? I had to settle for Kodiac Brown -nice but everyone says it looks black which I do not like! FORD IF YOUR READING THIS PLEASE RESPOND TO WHEN WILL I GET THAT CHANCE AGAIN ?
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