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2014 Ford Explorer XLT shakes violently at high speeds when pressing on the brakes and coming to a stop

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I have had this vehichle for a little over a year now. Soon as I bought it the right rear wheel bearing went out and I had the dealer replace it. A few months after that, the car started to shake and wobble when coming to a stop, it doesnt do it otherwise, just when slowing down. Towards the end, before I replaced parts, it was really bad, shaking when slowing down at speeds of 15 mph. Driving it on the expressway was scary because you didnt know if the wheels would snap off thats how bad it was shaking. I replaced both the left and right side sway bar links, the outer tie rods, the lower control arms with bushings, the knuckles and the bearings (because there started to be a noise that sounds like when a bearing is going out). I made sure everything was torqued to spec, so there is nothing loose. The car no longer shakes at slow speeds, but still shakes some at high speeds on the expressway. And it is still making the same clunking noise it did in the begining. This noise happens when I accelarate, turn the wheel, slow down, go over bumps, etc. Can anyone tell me what else this may be? I checked the inner tierods when I had it jacked up and there was no play in them at all. I cannot for the life of me figure out what could be making this shake still along with the clunking/creaking noise. Anyone have any ideas? Please? I am at my wits end here, I figured spending over 500 bucks for new lower control arms with bushings would fix it, but it only partially fixed it.
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Any clues at all? It sounds like when an old hardwood floor creaks when you step on it. Any ideas what is causing that and the other issue? Surely someone has an idea or 2.
This may be way off base but my sons truck did the same thing and it was a rotor issue, this being on the front. Touch the brakes and the wheel would about come out of your hand and if you had a loose tooth filling it came out. And it made a decent amount of noise as well. Good luck.
My first thought was rotors, have you replaced them? Sounds like you have replaced many things alsready
Thanks all, I thought it may be rotors as well, but that would explain the shaking, and not the old rocking chair noises coming from the front end when turning, accelerating, and deccelerating. Not really sure what could be making that noise.
Not sure of your mileage, but it could also be bad front struts (shock unit) and/or the strut mounts (on top of the struct, separate part and therefore separate purchase). I do know that my 2014 XLT AWD with 190k miles with all replaced struts/strut mounts, and good bearings/hubs in front, does move the wheel a little when I brake. but nothing like you mention.

Now, you want to talk about the rear....smh. First I replaced one bad hub/bearing, and I live in Michigan (meaning, salt belt). I had to take the knuckle off just to beat the bearing out. Then the other side was going bad, and also the non-serviceable knuckle bearings were getting loose. So I bought used knuckles that came with the hub/bearing still in it, I think they had 40k miles on them. Well, not even 20k miles later, I have a rear hub/bearing to replace again. This time I bought a Bearing Buster (Universal Wheel Bearing Hub Removal Tool Replace ATD-8629 | eBay) and a Timken hub/bearing, instead of Ford/Motorcraft. Hoping it goes easier.

Also, i've replaced the Electric Stearing Rack as that failed probably 130k or 140k miles. The only reason I have kept this truck is 1) the PTU hasn't exploded yet (I installed a drain and changed it recently) and 2) I'm a shadetree mechanic (engineer by trade) and have done my own maintenance since my first teenage car.
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Cheap warped brake rotors.
New factory Ford rotors will give you a good place to start.
(and quality pads !!)
Have your rear toe link checked. Has yours had the recall done on it.
Just a thought. I was watching a video on how to check if they are bad.
Just a thought. I was watching a video on how to check if they are bad.
Can you please share the video where you watched it. I can't find anything
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