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2015 X Sport - New to the community.

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Hey gang. I just bought my wife a 2015 Explorer Sport, tuxedo black, 2nd row bench, and the voice nav. She is all about the "Diva" sparkles in the paint, the blacked out grill, headlights, and taillights and the wheels. It is a good looking kid hauler for sure. BUT, my daily driver is a 2011 Shelby GT500, and as you can imagine, I'm looking for the potential in this 3.5TT Ecoboost. So, a couple questions.

Are there tried and true bolt on's and Tunes for these powertrains yet.

What regulates the boost pressure. I'm new to turbos.
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kind of a slow board? I did find an article that said the boost is electronically controlled by the ECU, if anyone was wondering.
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