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Sorry if this was asked somewhere, I looked but couldn’t find anything. This is really one of the few nits I have to pick with this car.
I have 2 explorers, 15 XLT (wife’s and travel car as she smokes) and 19 Limited (mine, no smoking allowed) and like them both. On the 15 XLT, the center stack red and blue lights in the tactile buttons for temp, front & rear defoggers, Auto temp, fan speed, etc. are bright enough when dash lights are set to max brightness. But I like to preserve my night vision and keep the dash brightness to near minimum. Unfortunately all those red & blue lights on the center stack dim to unusable.
Is there a hack to maybe keep those center stack red and blue lights from dimming?
Photos show full brightness then near minimum.
I can just up the brightness on the dash, but that also ups the brightness on the infotainment screen and between both I lose my night vision. I live outside a small town in S.C. with nearly no streetlights and there are lots of deer and peoples pets that I don’t want to hit. And same for long trips on highway at night.
Thanks in advance.

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