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I shipped our California purchased 2016 Explorer down to beautiful Costa Rica. We were charged $17,000 for import fees to the Costa Rican government so we want to maintain our expensive investment. We were unaware at the time of crossing a 24 inch deep river that there were two parallel cracks in the steering column accordion rubber bellow. Needless to say that after several months the power steering was almost frozen with rust and 'replaced'.

Since that episode we have had a very very difficult time with the electronics that we were told is the wiring harness that controls all of the computer controlled systems for the PS, PB, Windows, Power select, etc. We took the vehicle to the Ford dealership in San Jose, Costa Rica. They took 8 weeks and could not 'FIX' the problem. This issue is very dangerous down here with the intense weather.

-Wipers don't work sometimes (Scary in the rain down hear)
-Turn signals don't work sometimes
-Turn signal stuck 'on' once
-Weird dashboard lights indicating everything is wrong
-Hill start assist not available
-Steering assist fault - service required.
-Hill descent control fault
-Emergency parking light illuminated

MILAGE: 79,000

Any ideas what the issue is? I am NOT mechanical so elementary talk, suggestions or solutions please.
Thanks VERY MUCH for your time to help.
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