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2016 Explorer Limited AWD - 140k miles

Ive been hearing an intermittent squeal for around a month now. It is completely random and comes and goes as I’m driving from time to time.
Symptoms are:
- It only lasts 10-15 seconds max
- Can come and go a few times within a few minutes and then disappear
- Doesn’t happen at vehicle start
- No warning lights on the dash
- Can’t feel anything noticeable in the transmission or drivetrain
- Does not sound like a belt squeal! Doesn’t change pitch/sound with revs.
- Did seem to get quieter/slower as I was slowing down last time. It didn’t last long enough for me to get stopped completely.
- I shifted to neutral and it didn’t go away or change the noise.
- Does not sound like a anything I’ve heard before. I’ve heard wheel bearings going on other vehicles and doesn’t sound the same (do they sound different on the explorer?). I initially thought it was an electrical/actuator type noise coming from in the dash, but am now sure it’s engine bay or under the vehicle.

Is it the PTU? Does the noise come and go when it’s failing? Might explain why I thought the noise was coming from the dash.

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