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2016 with low R134

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Purchased our 2016 on 3/16. At that time, the vehicle had 43k miles. It now has just over 45k. Hasn't been warm enough to run the AC much till lately. Wife came home today and informed me that the AC didn't feel all that cold. Sure enough, vent temps weren't cold at all. Checked R134 pressure and low side was down around 20psi. Added R134 to get it to around 35psi (80* outside temp). Now the vent air temp is much cooler (46*F), but I am concerned that the R134 was that low to begin with. I am also concerned that 46*F vent temp is too high with an 80* outside temp.

Are there known issues with the AC system? I am not finding much in my Google searching, but (admittedly) my Google-foo skills aren't the best.
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