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2017 Explorer XLT Keyless Entry Pad Flashes

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I have a 2017 Explorer. Ever since I got it 3 weeks ago the key less entry key pad randomly flashes whenever it feels like. I can be next to the vehicle or 50 feet doesn't seem to matter. Anyone else had this problem and might know what the issue could be? I'm trying to avoid a trip to the dealer service department.
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Hi, I have a 2018 Explorer limited and have the same problem. My vehicle has been to the dealer twice for a complete "physical" and they can find nothing wrong. It spent yesterday (11/09/2018) in the shop all day to no avail. I even called Ford Motor company only to have someone in Manila answer the phone. What a waste.
I actually recorded the lights coming on and off and flashing and sent it to a service advisor at my local Ford dealer. Monday I bring it back in.
At this point I don't know what to do with this damn expensive vehicle. Personally I feel its the key pad that's bad because the remote entry never did work. And a few days ago this action drained the battery.
Has your problem been solved. Please let me know.
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