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2017 Sport - rear Ford badge removal help

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I have been trying to remove the rear ford badge with no luck. I had read it is only held on with adhesive, So I began attempting to remove it the way I always do. I used a hair dryer to warm the badge up, and used some string to saw thru the adhesive. The badge does not want to come off. I feel like maybe there are some posts back there that are preventing me from getting my string to the middle area of the badge to break the bond.

I wanted to confirm my assumptions were correct before I continue trying to remove it. I'd hate to be trying to pop this thing off and find out its held on with nuts like the front one was.

Has anyone done this on a 17? Did they start mounting them differently at some point? Most of the posts I see about trying to remove the badges are from the 13-15 models.

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