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Ford has put in a recall for a fracturing mounting bolt for the axle mounts
Ford Recalls 2020 - 2022 Explorer Over Rear Axle Mounting Bolt Fracturing Issue - autoevolution

Sadly the factory fix is a band aid at best and for ST Explorers, putting your foot down will break this bolt and the fix.
Fortunately there is a CURE designed and made by an renowned chassis expert, Anthony Woodford, in Vista California. His shop is AWR (Anthony Woodford Racing) Well known for creating the Spec Miata suspension package for Mazda, and for being the Chief Chassis Engineer for the Nissan championship winning GTP cars
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Explorer ST differential mounts shipping 5.10.22 - AWR Racing

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Have to think on this. For $280, I may just wait for the parts to come in.
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