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Hi everyone!
I have an issue that the dealer can't diagnose, wondering if anyone else had the same issue. After my 2018 Explorer Sport has been driven for a few minutes, I start to hear/feel a humming/vibration from in front of my feet in the driver's side foot well. I only notice it when I come to a complete stop or have the vehicle in park.. The dealer replaced the "AC/DC converter" the first time I brought it to them under warranty, but then denied that they heard the same noise again when I brought it back 1,500 miles later (out of warranty). I can only find info on a DC/AC Inverter online and from what I read that is located on the passenger side anyways. Has anyone else had a similar noise? Any ideas what it could be and if I could fix it myself? I've heard the noise/vibration both with the climate control on and off and in cold weather and warm weather. Let me know if I can provide any other helpful info.


2018 Ford Explorer Sport
37,560 miles
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