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^ Several possible reasons.

- 18" tires cost less

- 2nd set of wheels for winter vs summer tire swapping

- 18" have a taller sidewall for more comfortable ride (assuming similar tire diameter)

- Taller sidewall also makes them more resistant to wheel and sidewall damage from potholes.

- Taller sidewall allows more deflection when airing down for off-road use. Some model years owners' manuals even state ""Notice to owners with 20 inch wheels and tires. When equipped with 20 inch wheels and tires the vehicle is designed for on-road use only and not off-road use."

In other words, 18" wheels for those who use their SUV like an SUV. I've even seen topics where people wanted to go smaller than 18" but AFAIK, to drop down to 16" would require replacing the HD brakes, with smaller components found prior to ... ~2013-14 maybe? Assuming the knuckle will accept them. IDK.
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