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I have removed my 2nd and 3rd row seating for the purposes of creating improved cargo and camping space. In 12 years of having SUVs I've basically never needed space for rear seat passengers.

After removing both rows of seats I naturally got dash messages for restraint belt faults and an airbag malfunction icon lit up on the dash.

I have pulled all the wiring out of both rows of seats and reconnected everything to the harness bundles coming out of the carpeting in the back. (No small task)

I assumed this would satisfy the car's requirements for that apparatus to be in place but the fault message remains as does the airbag fault icon on the dash.

Does this situation require a reset of some kind to clear the dash message/faults?

Is this a dealer only fix or can it be done through FORScan? If it can be done with FORScan, can someone give me a specific path through the software to accomplish this? I'm a newbie to FORScan...
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