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I am wondering how well does the V8 4.6 work vs. the V6 4.0 motor??

It is my belief from reading a number of Explorer sites the cam timing chains are a major problem with the V6 and thus shorten the life of these motors. And to repair them means an engine pulling as the silly things have one chain in the back of the engine.

I have found the 4.6 V8 lasts and lasts, and 250K is not uncommon on an untouched motor, and with the 4.6 most of the time all they need if there is problems is a good valve or head job and new timing chain which are in the front and thus can be done with the engine still in the car/truck. And then you might get up to 500K.

I have learned these trucks can be had with the 4.6 as well.

So how well do the hold up in them??

What kind of MPG can they get??

Any problems with the 4.6??

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