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I have had one ford in my life, I am 75 yrs old! I bought a 99 ford xlt in 2004 from my niece because she wanted to buy a house and was upside down the car payment on this car made her sell t!, so I paid it off and took possession. I soon got a recall notice about the engine catching on fire if you didnt take it in to get the engine wiring changed and I did! It had 70 something thousand miles on it at that time. I dont drive very much. At less that 120000 miles the tranny went out. THEY DONT CALL THIS MODEL THE EXPLODER FOR NOTHING! It seems that the internal oil ports were too narrow and couldnt cool the trany and itwould fail or blow up! I am not kidding! It wasnt covered under a recall because it was called an UPDATE by ford. to get out of rsponsibility for a bad design. I bought a re-built updated tranny and put it in. It was a while ago. NOW, the GEM module went out for the wipers and None are available?They are not available on purpose because it is also a bad design and new parts cant be guaranteed, So, now I will have to run a separate circuit directly from the battery to a switch mounted on my daskboard , somewhere, directly to the wiper motor to get my wipers back! We are forced to by crap that is so complicated or badly designed , simply because of planned obsolescence by the manufactured with the help of every Govt consumer protection agency because they are being bought by the car makers! As I said , I still have all the cars that I owned wwhen I bought this explorer and they are much older and much better. Go figure ! Does anyone have any advice on this GEM Problem?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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