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99 Explorer SOHC - Temp Sender Ground

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4.0 SOHC V6
99 Explorer

Plastic thermostat housing with temp sender and temp sensor - Replaced the housing and both sensors. Temp gauge now has no reading. Wiring does not appear broken but it must have lost continuity. I do not plan on removing the intake mani to get the connector off the sender again.

Of the two sensors in the thermo housing, is the sender the one on the drivers side? The other one has an orange connector which i believe is the temp sensor for the PCM.

Both of these sensors have 2 wires. I'm assuming the sender has one for a ground since it is in a plastic housing.

Temp sender is not showing ground continuity when touching the outside but the temp sensor is. Does the ground travel to the exterior of both the sender and sensor or is this only internally grounded within each sensor?

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