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ACM: Audio off, Entertainment off (search = Nothing found!)

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Greetings Explorer Forum members

As my profile stipulates I bleed blue and have been FoMoCo supporter from '65 Comet Caliente to 2014 Explorer.

As many know it has been a very tough, cold December here in Alberta and when someone decided to hit the auto start button on their key fob at -40C after sitting outside for three days without being plugged in. Well lets just say I've been playing catch-up and recovery ever since.

Flat dead and frozen solid I first set about warming the poor girl up a bit and ramped up the charge on the battery until finally put the float charger on her two nights over night and it seems to be back to normal and holding most of its charge.(Over 12V)

Now for the carnage: Initially there was no pwr seat function what so ever, No audio function, No voice command, and No Command start remote car starter function.

So I first began with a SYNC reboot. which resolved nothing.

Then Disconnected the battery (both posts) for 30 min. and this resolved the seat memory function and pwr seat control functions. Still "No Audio" "Entertainment off" and no voice command.

This is day 4 and today located and pulled all fuses for requisite systems. Still No resolve. So Back to the Net for more consultation. (Fixed command start by popping out Key Fob battery for 5min to reset the signal frequency which it had dropped for some reason. 2nd key fob worked, main one didn't. Another fix found online but not here)

Finally found a possible solution in a YouTube video discussion. It was not in the video that it was attached to but was getting so frustrated that was starting to comb through every item I could. My back was pretty sore from being bent over backwards for an hour checking cabin fuse panel (thanks Ford engineers ! Maybe you could make it completely impossible to check a fuse instead of next to impossible unless you're a limbo champion)

At any rate I had removed/checked/replaced all the fuses and replaced the fuse box cover and kick panel protector, gone back inside and started to read more until I came across the above indicated item in the Youtube comment. The comment indicated that it wasn't enough to remove and replace fuse 29 but that "once the fuse was out that it was necessary to start the car with the fuse out and then shut car down and wait several minuets before replacing the fuse and starting the car again to resolve this issue." I'm hoping this will be the fix but not hopeful as through my extensive research have seen many, many, many issues like mine which is driving people insane trying to resolve and going broke doing module swaps with the kind assistance of dealerships from sea to sea.

When at purchase I saw the complexity of the electronic controls on the Explorer I was taken aback and was very concerned about what it might take to keep this truck on the road and although in two in a half years only an initial camera malfunction needed to be repaired, each year makes me less comfortable and more mindful of trading it off before it causes any greater concern and lost time in my already challenged existence.

Am a member of several Ford forums which have been very useful in helping me understand issues and resolving them as needed however I registered for this forum and placed my concerns in the search field in several different variations and was rewarded with "Nothing found"

For a forum that contends to represent the Explorer owner experience I find this puzzling. This is a well known broadly discussed issue with Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC computer systems and so to find "Nothing" in regard to this issue on the site makes me question why??

Looking forward to hearing how I didn't look in the right place (Although I tried several search windows in several tabs)

Hope to be shown how wrong I am about the value of this site.

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Sorry to hear you didn't find your answer all to your question as I too am a first time Explorer owner.

I know these forums are community based and are not staffed by the engineers or technicians who designed or work daily on these systems.

A smart charger connected to "Explorer" may have prevented all these contortions both physical and mental.

I have a 2000 F250 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 Short Bed 7.3 Diesel that always gets the smart charger plugged in because we have 4 vehicles and never know if it will sit 1 day or a month before it is needed for duty again.

I'm actully looking at the SYNC modules in a console I'm installing into our Explorer Police Interceptor and will be learning more about them using FORScan.

Maybe reading on the FORScan forums can help you learn more about your SYNC problem.
There is a wealth of info there for free.

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Thanks for response. It's not that I didn't find an answer to my question(s) It was that I didn't find anything (Nothing) in regard to a very common problem. Your advice regarding the use of a "Smart charger" is what is referred to in my message as a "Float Charger". The FORScan you mention is to my understanding a dealership level electronic tool. I have an OBD reader and used it to cover off essentials but have seen one post that indicated that it indeed may require this specialty tool to "Fix" the black box. I'll let you know how the fuse 29 out cycle fix goes and if not then maybe you can tell me how you get access to a FORScan tool without purchase of another high priced specialized tool.
Best purchase I ever made was the gel pack battery which has been in my 2008 Taurus X for 10 years and has never let me down in any conditions. The stock battery in the Explorer will likely have to be relegated to trailer duty as it just isn't up to the job after two years of northern Duty.
Hope to hear from you again regarding your exercise with the Interceptor.
Are those FORScan forums on this site or another?

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FORScan are their own site.
Russians who hacked every aspect of the Ford electronics.

FORScan is a free to the public application run on a Windows based PC that allows the user through a ODBII dongle to make their own changes within the Ford modules.

Like an open community, users share code mods that make the changes to their vehicles beyond the "As Built"
by Ford programming.

I think during your vehicle's brown out low voltage condition, some of the "As Built" codes in the SYNC
AIPM module may have been affected.

Go read some of the forums at FORScan and you will begin to understand better.

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