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AdvanceTrac traction light comes on and brake pedal is spongy / needs pressed to floor to stop

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Greetings to all.

I noticed last week that the brake pedal on our 2006 Ford Explorer 4.0L XLS has been feeling very spongy. Today, it’s even worse as I have to depress the brake pedal completely to the floor for the vehicle to stop. There is plenty of brake fluid and no brake fluid leaks.

I have had numerous occasions where the AdvanceTrac traction light lights up on the instrument cluster.

I am assuming and understand that the brake master cylinder has to be dead but why won’t the brake light engage and rather the AdvanceTrac light decides to appear? Can anyone shed some light into this? Can a bad master cylinder not trigger the brake light but light up the traction light? Is there possibly something else in addition to the master cylinder defective in the ABS/ traction system? What am I missing with respect to this?
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Any feedback will be appreciated.


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Do you get pedal pulsation like the ABS is kicking in?

It might be helpful to know what trouble code is set, and for that you may need a scan tool capable of ford specific codes, not just OBD2.
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