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Air Intake on Sport

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When I got my 2014 Sport it had a Air Intake scoop behind the slot on the front bumper . I had it in for a oil change and maintenance last month . And today I notice the air intake scoop wasn't there . Was wondering if Ford was removing them without telling the owners..
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Are you talking about the scoop below the bumper on the left bottom side looking at the engine bay?

If so, it is a scoop to draw air to the turbo on the back side of the engine. They shouldn't have left it off.

If your referring to the one that is on the right side of the radiator as your looking at it, it should stay on the vehicle also. It pulls cold air when moving forward in to the filter.

Even when using an aftermarket CAI, you still use it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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