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You need a code scanner capable of Ford-specific trouble codes (not just OBD2), but as Wildweasle86 suggested, could be low system voltage. If you're on your original factory battery still (or a cheapie replacement was used on the first swap), battery may be at end of life.

On the other hand, that's not even close to "all systems", rather they are interrelated and could be something like failing to get an ABS sensor reading, steering angle sensor fault, or wheel misalignment.

A scan tool capable of live data can get you the former two readings, though if the ABS wheels speeds are the same and the steering angle isn't very near 0, that would tend to suggest an alignment problem as long as it's on a straight, flat stretch of pavement.

Remember that many roads are crowned (graded away from the center) to divert rain so a flat parking lot might be a better test than some roads.

The curious part is the bit of rain preceding it. Might just be coincidence or might be you have a frayed wire shorting out somewhere. I'd still start with the scan tool to see what that can find, will narrow down where to look next, though checking system voltage is a quick, easy thing to do too if you have a multimeter.
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