Alright, so my indecisive self pulled the trigger on buying and mounting some high quality wheels and high-performance tires before finally deciding I wanted to go with a more offroad-oriented setup within the same week. I dropped over $4,000 getting these wheels and tires (including mounting, balancing, brand-new TPMS sensors, and gloss black lug nuts) and can't return them since they were mounted. They were on the car for less than a week and I drove less than 200 miles on them. They're in perfect condition. I put the original wheels back on my car until I can sell these, at which point I'm going to get a different setup of wheels with off-road tires. I have a vision for what I'm going for..

The tires are 295/45r20 Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06+ Plus, with pretty much all their tread.
The wheels are TSW Bristol Matte Black, 20x10" 5x114.3 ET25, and I have the hub centric rings that go with them to pair with the Ford hub center bore for a perfect fit.

They look fantastic on the car, and would look good on any other car too that has a 5x114.3 bolt pattern. I just have a different goal now, and I am unable to return these unfortunately, but someone else can get them for less than half the price I paid for it, plus they're already mounted and balanced, so saves you even more money/time, a clean and simple swap. Let me know! I'm refraining my impulsive self from spending more money on another combo of wheels/tires until these can find a home rather than just taking up space in my garage.

I'm in Charlotte, NC.