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antena on 2015

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I just purchased a 2015 xlt and when putting it in the garage discovered the roof mounted antenna is about a half inch too long. I looked and noticed the wire that wraps around the shaft stops about that much from the end of the shaft. my question is can the attena be clipped off shorter as long as you dont cut the wire and then slip the little end cap back on
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Well I have the answer to the question, 4 times in and out of the garage was too much for the antenna and was obviously starting to break so with nothing to lose i chopped off about an inch of the shaft. Turns out what appears to be a wire wrapped around the shaft in a spiral is a hollow plastic tube for what purpose other than maybe reinforcement i dont know the shaft is a plastic fiber with a tightly wound fine wire almost like a rheostat. I cut off about an inch of that with the shaft. Fearing the antenna was completely ruined I pressed on. With much struggle removed the small cap from the piece I had cut off glued it back on the shaft and wrapped the whole thing with some black electrical tape to stiffen its current flop to one side then slipped black shrink tube over the antenna and heated that on the shaft. looks like original but shorter and much to my surprise and delight works just fine Sirius /FM /AM. So if you find yourself in a similar situation it can be shortened.
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