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Any ideas on how to fix warping front door panels.

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Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the front interior door panels that are warping? I can buy new ones and install easily, but any other ideas?
1-I've thought about re-glueing, but how to prevent it from happening again (window tint?).
2-Some how making the top of the panel a harder mold?
3-doing some body modification?

If the only solution is to replace with factory door panels, how do we as a group prevent this from happen in the future?
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Yea, my 2015 black leather interior door panels have now got the warping. Really pissed that with the engineers as they can't even produce plastic products now that can't even maintaion their shape for even 3 years!! My 2015 is in for routing service and will ask about this with them in the morning. I will post back, if they suggest anything other than buying replacement panels.
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